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Welcome to Week 2

Hey hey, alright! You made it to Week 2. Well done. 👏🏾

This week we're going to cover whiteboarding, including system design, all things behavioral (quizzes, questions, STAR), take home projects, portfolios, and presentations.

We'll also round out the week with some general interview tips like knowing your audience, what questions you can ask during interviews, negotiation etiquette, and a handy remote interview checklist.

If you're in a cohort, you'll give and get feedback on STAR (a powerful storytelling framework) answers and even do a mock interview to practice answering behavioral (aka soft skill) interview questions.

If you're going through this guide solo, you can still practice drafting answers using the STAR method. Consider joining a cohort to get feedback from your peers and practice answering questions in front of another human to get comfortable before your actual interviews.

Let's do this! 🦾