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About cohorts

The job search can be a long, lonely, difficult, stressful, disheartening, and demoralizing experience. It can make even the best candidates question themselves. 😔

But it doesn't have to be that way. 😃

At Speak_, we work hard to create a positive, safe, inclusive environment where software engineers can turn to one another for support. And we foster this sense of community even more through free 2-week Tech Interview Prep cohorts.

What's included?

Each Speak_ Tech Interview Prep cohort lasts 2 weeks and includes:

  • Cohort workshops
  • Multiple pair sessions with peers
  • Practice online coding assessments
  • Access to private discord channels
  • Support from engineers recently hired
  • Support from the Speak_ team


The best part of joining a cohort is connecting with peers going through the same experience as you.

It's a way for you to:

  • Instantly build up a support system of other software engineers
  • Create relationships that live on beyond the cohort
  • Easily find partners for pair sessions and coding practice
  • Get peer feedback on how to improve
  • Share wins (and losses) in a supportive community

Just check out what past participants have had to say about the cohort experience.

"I was able to meet and speak with all types of people! Normally I am quite shy and reserved, but here I was able to find my voice."

- Richard K.

"I finished Speak_ right around the end of my bootcamp and it came at just the right time. It held me accountable to my learning thus far and pushed me to keep going. This was absolutely a great experience in terms of taking ownership of the tech prep process and stepping out of my comfort zone to meet other devs. There is a huge supportive community waiting for you here at Speak_!"

- Dakota F.

"The program really helped me gain confidence in my interviewing skills by sharpening my data structures and algorithm skills and also my behavioral interview skills."

- Jose R.

"Applying to jobs, especially in tech, is such an isolating and demoralizing process. Through Speak_, I was given the opportunity to network with peers and have access to resources that bolstered my confidence, making me both a better interviewee and a better programmer."

- Mihir L.

How do I join a cohort?

We run cohorts every month and you're welcome to join us. You can apply for the next one by clicking that button below. 👇🏾

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