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Challenge: Practice STAR

This challenge is all about putting this fancy STAR method to work for you. By completing it, you'll give yourself a HUGE advantage when you head into your live interviews.

It is VERY likely that you will see some version of these questions in real interviews (for real), so spend time perfecting your answers and revise them over time.

  • Use 'I' statements. (For example: "I observed a very bad result." vs "They did a terrible job.")
  • When sharing about a situation where something went wrong, be sure to share how you corrected the mistake.
  • Employers value people that take ownership and action rather than blaming others.
  • If you plan to use data in your stories, be sure to include supporting information or have it ready to speak to if asked. Don't throw out numbers unless you mean them.


  1. Make a copy of the STAR worksheet
  2. Fill out the worksheet with your answers

If you are going through a Speak_ cohort, you will use your STAR worksheet again in your mock interview pair session.

Doing mock interviews and practicing your STAR delivery is the best way to prepare for behavioral interviews.

Bonus tips

To really go above and beyond, here's what to do:

  1. Record yourself delivering your STAR answers
  2. Watch the recording ON MUTE and make notes about your body language. How can you improve it?
  3. Listen to the recording (without watching) and make notes about your delivery. How do you sound? How can you improve?
  4. Practice & repeat. The better you get at delivering these answers, the more confident you'll feel during your interviews.

If you have any technical difficulties or questions, ask in the discord.