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Resume rubric

On the lesson called Challenge: Update your resume in this module, we'll share the Speak_ resume template with you so that you can complete it and submit it.

For Speak_ to attempt to match you with partner companies, you must follow the rubric. If your resume doesn’t check all of the boxes below then we cannot accept it.

important! Do not change the formatting.

If you change the formatting then your resume will be automatically rejected.

We cannot share your resume with our partner companies if you don't follow the rules listed below. Formatting is important.

Do not change:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Margins
  • Line spacing
  • Section titles
  • Text alignment

You can always make another version to share outside of Speak_. 😉

The Speak_ resume rubric

Use the following rubric to make sure that your Speak_ resume can be accepted.


  • The Speak_ Resume formatting has not been changed at all.
  • The Speak_ Resume is 1 or 2 pages long.

Resume heading

  • The name in the header has been changed to your name.
  • The email address correctly links to your email.
  • The fake phone number has been replaced with your real number.
  • The LinkedIn link points to your LinkedIn profile.
  • The Github link points to your Github profile.
  • The Portfolio link points to your developer portfolio website. If you don’t have a portfolio site, then you can remove the Portfolio link from the resume.
  • The location has been replaced with your location.
  • The pronouns have been updated or removed.

Resume personalization

  • The Summary is less than two lines.
  • The Skills section lists your technical skills.
  • The Education section includes all college degrees and/or coding bootcamps.
  • The Experience section only includes relevant work experience and/or internships.
  • The Projects section has fewer than 5 total projects. (2-3 is the sweet spot!)
  • No Education, Experience, or Project listed has more than 4 bullet points.

If you don’t have a full year of experience with a skill but want to include it, use a decimal point.

Example: Python 0.25 | JavaScript 0.5