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Why companies use coding assessments

Very often, one of the first steps in a technical interview process is a coding assessment. 👩🏼‍💻

Companies use coding assessments to screen candidates before inviting them to an interview process. They do this because they get a lot of applications and want to make sure that they aren’t spending time and energy interviewing people who don’t know how to code.

Online assessments act as a filter because (in theory) only qualified candidates will get through. Unqualified candidates either won’t take or won’t pass the assessment, therefore saving a company the hassle of interviewing someone who isn’t ready for the role.

There's talk in the industry about whether these tests are effective or relevant, and some companies have moved to pair programming or live coding as an alternative. But, regardless of whether or not you like them, plenty of companies still use assessments as an initial screening, so you need to be prepared for them.

Data structures and algorithms can be notoriously difficult, but what we've seen is that with preparation and practice, you can pass them.

If you're in a cohort, there are plenty of opportunities for you to practice algorithm-style questions. You'll be taking a practice assessment this week, and you’ll get to work with your peers to solve some coding problems, too.