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After the cohort

Congrats! 🎉 You've made it through an intense 2 weeks and learned a whole bunch of secrets about how to stand out during job interviews.

We hope you’ve gotten a lot of value out of participating in the cohort and working with your peers in the community. It was a fast-paced couple of weeks and you should be proud of the work you did to improve your chances at landing a great new job.

What happens now?!

Now that you've joined the Speak_ talent base, Whenever you're eligible for a role at one of our partner companies, we'll share your resume with them for review. It's then up to them who to invite to their company-specific community, followed by an interview.

We're adding new partner companies every month, and we’ll continue to try and match you with job opportunities. You’ll get automatically invited if you’re eligible, so no need to reapply or go through another cohort.

Otherwise, you're all set and we genuinely hope you learned a lot about the technical interview process and feel much more confident heading into your interviews. Your dream job is just around the corner! 💰

Ways to stay involved in Speak_

Our mission at Speak_ is to eliminate underrepresentation in tech by helping qualified talent match with employers who value diversity. We need your help to achieve this daunting, but urgent mission.

  • Add yourself as a Speak_ Alum on LinkedIn! You can find us in the Education section.
  • Tell your friends about what we’re doing! Who do you know that could benefit from Speak_?
  • Stay active in Discord by answering questions, welcoming new community members, and sharing your journey with everyone.
  • Come to our events and bring along your friends! Alums get to ask questions at live events.
  • Tell recruiters about how helpful Speak_ was for you. Encourage them to check us out for their talent communities.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to be first in line for events, new opportunities, and exclusives.

Thank you for being a part of this community and for being open to growth and connection. We know that there’s a perfect job out there for you and you’re going to find it. We’re here to help. 👊🏾